TAMPOPRINT GmbH is the original developer of tampon printing method. Thanks to the continuous strong development TAMPOPRINT has maintained its market leadership in tampon printing. Worldwide manufacturing and marketing guarantee TAMPOPRINT customers technically high-quality products and delivery of spare parts and accessories. As a result of TAMPOPRINT research and development there are innovation like hermetically sealed color schemes, quick change of ink cup, cliché or color using grippers as well as the patented hard metal edge of the ink cup.

TAMPOPRINT printing machines and laser systems have lots of different applications: individual single color / multi-color printing machines for different pieces, complete automatic lines for different shapes and sizes of objects and a wide range of laser marking equipment.

Almost every industrial sector has TAMPOPRINT printing machine users. For example many companies in the IT industry, pharmaceutical industry, beverage industry, automotive industry, consumer electronics or in plastics industries are using TAMPOPRINT printing machines and thus ensuring the high quality of their products.

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